Exponential technologies

Exponential Technologies

Fast-paced developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and synthetic biology are already affecting our lives and remodeling our markets, businesses and societal functions. Claudia shares the insights she had gained through research in Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Silicon Valley, presenting cutting-edge applications of the technology and also their potential impact on various industries. Claudia’s lecture focuses on the challenges that these exponential technologies can help solve.


How to digitalize: ENTREPRENEURSHIP and innovation in large companies

With the fourth industrial revolution reforming our business models, there is a need for companies and governmental organizations to develop agile and growth oriented strategies for the digital world. To stay ahead of the game, businesses need to adopt key technologies, redesign parts of their value-chain, and develop partnership strategies in order to scale innovation. Based on her international experience and research into best practices in entrepreneurship and innovation within larger corporations, Claudia highlights methods, key-success factors and practical solutions from industry leaders that can help businesses take the lead in their industry. She also provides concrete recommendations, in order to help companies better understand how to digitalize their units and ventures. Through her inspiring talk, Claudia helps the participants to understand how they can capture the full potential of opportunities in the digital age.


Digital Leadership and Transformation

With digital transformation impacting a variety of industries simultaneously, there is a need for a new approach to leadership and work methods. The expectations of the co-worker of the digital era, as well as the extended skill set they offer will have significant impact on the job markets. The rapid technological development and its disruptive nature, requires agile leadership, open to co-creation and interdisciplinary engagement. Claudia highlights best-practices that digital leaders have adopted and provides strategic guidance in leveraging new technologies for greater impact.


The Future of Jobs and skills

The future labor markets will be shaped by the accelerating technological developments as well as our globalization and increased global mobility. Many current jobs are becoming automated and robots are entering our workplaces in both physical and virtual forms. The global human workforce is also moving online, engaging to a greater extent in the platforms created as a part of the growing freelance economy. Old structures for employment, remuneration, interaction with colleagues and clients, are experiencing rapid change. A new job market is taking shape. Claudia shares insights from her research into the jobs of the future, highlighting major trends and their impact as well as the key measures that employers need to consider to attract talent in the years to come. Claudia’s lecture focuses on unraveling the opportunities and challenges that the global digital labor market presents.